Postcards from India

Dispatches from The Pushkar Fair Photography Expedition™

Rajasthan photography workshops. Shoppers at Sardar Market, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Coriander & Chillies

6 p.m. at Sardar Market – rush hour at Jodhpur’s most hectic market is a frenzy of activities.

Here, a woman shops for chillies and coriander, two of the most widely-used ingredients in Rajasthani cuisine, at one of the hundreds of stalls that line the bazaar’s main avenue.

Comprising more than 7000 shops and countless stands selling everything from spices to textiles and anything in between, Sardar Market stretches at the foot of a 19th-century Clock Tower; an imposing landmark built by Maharaja Sardar Singh, from whom the market takes its name.

Chaotic and fast-paced, Sardar market comes alive at dusk, when hordes of shoppers crowd the bazaar, turning the maze of alleys and passageways that spreads around the Clock Tower into a riot of sounds, sights, and smells.

We photograph Sardar Market on two of our Specialist Photography Workshops in Rajasthan: The Thar Desert Photography Expedition™, and The Pushkar Fair Photography Expedition™.

This image was made on Day 1 of our recent Thar Desert Photography Expedition™ 2017

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