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Dispatches from The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™

Photography Workshop Kerala. Tea pickers at work on the tea plantations of Munnar, in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India. Photo: © Dariusz Klemens

Munnar Tea Plantations

First established by the British in the late 1800s, the tea plantations around Munnar, one of the world’s highest tea growing regions, are kept in pristine conditions by an army of workers.

The tea plant is actually a species of tree, which can be fruitful for around 100 years, and naturally grows to a height of around 13 metres. For effective plucking, the plants need to be constantly pruned back to a manageable height (around 1.5 m), and shaped into bushes.

Depending on the season, every 9 to 13 days, the new leaves and buds are plucked based on the rule of “two leaves and a bud”, as the youngest leaves and a new bud produce the best quality tea.

Days 8 & 9 of our Pepper Coast Photography Expedition (Spring 2014)

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