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Dispatches from The Pushkar Fair Photography Expedition™

Photography workshop rajasthan. Pushkar Camel Fair photography workshop. Hindu pilgrims arrive in Pushkar for the Hindu religious festivity of Kartik Purinima, during the Pushkar Mela, in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. Photo: © Dariusz Klemens

Pilgrims arriving in Pushkar

Live from the Pushkar Mela 2014

Pilgrims have been streaming into town all day, thronging the streets and crowding the dharamshalas (from Dharma ‘religion’, and ‘shala’ meaning ‘sanctuary’), the religious rest-houses where they will wait for the moon to rise, before bathing in the sacred Pushkar Lake at 4am local time, when the full moon and the celebrations of Kartik Poornima will reach their zenith.

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