Postcards from India

Dispatches from Easter in Kochi Photography Workshop

The Harbour

Even at temperatures of around 30⁰C (86⁰ F) the waters of the Arabian Sea provide welcome respite from the tropical heat of the day for the inhabitants of Kochi, who congregate at sunset, on Mahatma Gandhi Beach, at the mouth of the city’s harbour, to enjoy a cooling dip.

Created by a flood in the mid 1300s, Kochi’s natural harbour determined the city’s fortunes, allowing it to flourish as the main Indian spice-trading centre in the 14th century, when it first became known as ‘The Queen of the Arabian Sea’, and continuing to this day, to drive the economy of the region.

The city’s very name is thought to derive from the local Malayalam word ‘Kaci’, meaning ‘harbour’.




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