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Rajasthan photography workshops.The Wedding Party. Jodhpur

The Wedding Party

Adorned with jewellery and garlands, and wearing embroidered sarees in the bright colours considered auspicious at joyous events, a group of Hindu women walks through the streets of Jodhpur carrying pots over their heads during a pre-wedding celebration.

Rajasthan has a long-standing tradition of lavish weddings. Lasting up to 5 days, the celebrations normally see around 1500 people gather for a series of rituals, receptions, and processions that often include elephants and camels as well as 14-men-strong bands and extravagant fireworks displays.

The wedding season in Rajasthan runs from October through March so, during the course of our Pushkar Fair Photography Expedition™, which runs in the Autumn, and Thar Desert Photography Expedition™, which takes place in Spring, we often encounter wedding parties in the streets of Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Jodhpur.

This photograph was made on Day 2 of our recent Thar Desert Photography Expedition™ 2017.




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